watashi no neko

Cats are truly unique. I used to hate cats until I encountered them in my varsity days when one of them pooed in my shoe. Do you know how truly stinko cat poo and pee are? It is like double the stink of dogs. Currently I have 2 cats and 1 dog and they live in harmony. So does the house opposite mine. A black lab who co-exists with cats & kittens.

I adopted the cat (yam) and dear adopted another male (tom), they were supposed to be called tom+yam. Get it?
But tom died and yam continued to stay with me. Now the rules of adopted cats were that they were spayed. But yam clearly was not when she came back knocked up. When she delivered, I posted the kittens on mudah.my. Luckily they were many enquiries. People seemed to prefer to adopt home bred kittens. So yam delivered twice before I decided to send her to the vet to be neutered. I kept one of her kittens because it was just too darn adorable. The little bugger liked to sleep beside me instead of with his siblings. I named him Tom2.

Yam was a good hunter. Back when I stayed in ss19, there was an oxidation lake behind the house, hence there were a lot of mozzies. When there is an ample supply of prey, there was a ridiculous amount of lizards and lizard shit! Yam caught lizards on a regular basis for me, and cockroaches etc. I wish she was there when the snake entered the house. That would have been a sight to behold.

I loaned Yam away for a year on a working boarding where she caught pests for a mart and she came back fatso due to the confined space. In the meantime, her son grew and blossomed into a 'pretty' tom cat who was really obedient. He could come when he was called and he had a nose for armpits. Ugh... Tom was easy to toilet train but he had a habit of peeing on my comforter. He has this habit of sleeping which clearly is inherited from his mother. But they say cats mimic their sleeping styles of  their owners. I just wish I look this adorable when I'm sleeping.

Every morning at 7am, Yam would jump on the sofa bed and stare at me until I wake up. She used to prod and meow into my ear but when she realized that it was futile, she gave up. When I used to sleep in the bedroom, they would meow outside the door. Then it was feeding time, refilling water bowl time. When I go off work, I leave the sliding door open a crack for them to wander.

When I return, I am greeted by my rott and Yam standing vigil on the porch. It is an interesting sight, canine & feline guarding my house. Tom comes out if he feels like it. Then it is feeding them, refilling their water bowl again and feeding the dog. If I'm bored, I'd run a lint remover over tom who squeals but secretly enjoys it.

Cats are truly unique and every cat have their own personality. Every meow is distinctive. When I call Tom, I can swear his answering meow has a question mark at the end, making it sound like, 'yeah?' And I remember the time he mistook my aquarium screensaver for life fish and he kept tapping the pc monitor (it was touch screen so it responded to his touch)

And Yam has this habit of resting her head where my hand is resting.

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