My cat is an alarm clock. Everyday at 8:15am she will start waking me up to feed her. Brushing her head against mine, meowing directly into my ear. Naturally, I'd ignore her. And that's why I was late for work today.

Cats really have character. For example, Yam.
Wake up, yo

- she comes when I call her
- she knows when I shoo her off the table
- she's good in catching rats
- she runs forward to greet me when I come home (just like a dog)

Her son, Tom:

- demanding MEOW when he wants to eat, but only macho-ly in the kitchen that he does this
- stuck to me like glue when he was young (slept on my neck, beside me) but now that he's a juvenile, he doesn't even like to be patted.
- uses me as a launchpad/spring while playing with his mom
- chases after everything that moves
- no brakes when turning corners

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