A little at a time

I used to envy people who are talented. Those who are artistically inclined & great fighters. But I failed to realize that I am only looking at a snapshot of the person at that moment in time. I do not see the process and the hardship he/she went through to get to where they are now. Behind every artist, there are thousands of practice paintings, behind every fighter, there is sweat, blood and multiple knockdowns.

From today, I resolve to not wait for the time to be perfect to start something.
Start something today, no matter how shitty, at least you have taken a foot forward.

from joelrunyon
  • You want to write a novel? Commit to writing a certain amount of words every day [750 perhaps?].
for me, it is publishing a magazine.
so i'm doing one article per day
  • Want to be an artist? Try creating a painting everyday for 100 days. [If that's too much a commitment, try smaller sizes or doing sketches].

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