Money & love

  1. What would your partner say is the annual income your family would need to be happy?
    RM180k. thats breaks down to about 15k a month

  2. Place the following items in order of importance (1=top financial priority, 10=lowest financial priority):
    • furniture
    • retirement
    • car
    • clothes
    • vacation
    • really good/healthy food
    • entertainment (dining out, movies, etc.)
    • college
    • gifts
    • home

      healthy food, entertainment, furniture, home, retirement, college, vacation, clothes, gifts

  3. Discussions about money are: A) Easy and constructive; B) Occasionally difficult but eventually lead to a resolution; C) Usually combative and lead to arguments; D) Nonexistent.

    Fight like hell

  4. How much would your bank account have to sink to before you panicked?
    below 15k

  5. How much is too much to spend without consulting your partner?

  6. Would you loan money to friends or family? Would you borrow money from friends or family?

  7. What are the three best purchases you’ve made as a couple? The three worst?
    houses, bike, business
    worst: none

  8. You get $1,000 back as a tax refund. What would you do with it? What would your partner do with it?
    put in bank, he's the same

  9. You view money as: A) A necessary evil; B) The path to happiness; C) Nice to have, but I won’t sweat over it; D) Where’s my wallet?
    path to happiness

  10. Which of the two of you is more likely to:
    • Know how much is in the checking account (both same)
    • Buy an expensive gift (me)
    • Look for the best deal (both)
    • Know how the stock market fared (him)
    • Do the taxes (both)

  11. Do you think that when the creators of The Newlywed Game chose the phrase “make whoopee” as a euphemism for sex, they considered the fact that some people would think of the whoopee cushion (invented in 1930)?

  12. When it comes to investing, your philosophy is: A) The stock market can be beaten by buying the most promising stocks, B) Don’t try to beat the stock market, buy index funds; C) Avoid the stock market, it’s too risky; D) Chicken makes the best stock.
    Chicken makes the best stock

  13. If there’s one thing we could improve about the way we manage our finances, what would it be?
    envelope finance

  14. Which relative or friend would you consider to be a financial role model?
    My partner. Lots to learn from him

  15. How much is reasonable to spend on a vacation?
    local: for 2,

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