reunion and self reflection

met up with tee and sheila for cny dinner @kissaten, PJ
read sheila's blog and realized what she's going thru in life is same as mine just that i experienced mine in 07.
glad her dog (mary jane) still alive and well.
1. realized that i've really made something of myself career wise. a plateau if you want to call it, where i'm sure of everything that goes on in the office and i'm balancing the politics delicately.
2. r/ship wise i'm ok, but im teaching myself to be more independent (reading why men marry bitches book). enjoy my time with him but be more own person
3. overall as a person, i've learnt to let go of the other guy. generally more optimistic now and not letting small things stress me.

i've got to find the time for my own interests, so i've starting drawing again (inspired by khairul paikee's fantastic manga drawings)

and i've got to watch my diet (eat healthily) the pains have stopped and everyday i thank god.

time to get fit.

btw, had monday and today half day off. spent monday with dear (house hunting) then he went off to gym while i repotted the pineapple i brought back from ktn, then we had dinner @ the new chicken rice shop. also sent 2010 album for printing.

on tues morning, i woke up, organized my ebook collection, started on world tournament proposal.

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Adino said...

Wow in the blink of an eye, it's been so many months since the new year. The next new year is almost here. Hope you've been doing well on achieving your goals :)

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