paleo diet

I'm currently on a paleo diet (for health, not losing weight!). My colleagues call it the pariah diet. Basically you follow the dietary habits of paleolithic predecessors, since they were healthier with less funny diseases (cancer, diabetes) compare to today.

Things that I can eat: meat, fish, vege, fruits
Things that I cannot eat: dairy, wheat, grain, lentil (what the heck's that?), rice, carbohydrates, soy

This severely limits my food choices since malaysian foods consists mainly of noodles and rice. And when I order chicken chop, I have to wait a longer time for it to be prepared. Nowadays, when I'm outside, the food that I normally order are:
  • roast/grill chicken
  • fried fish (i know! it's not healthy!)
  • soup
  • beef something
  • murtabak (i discard the outer layer)
  • eggs
  • popia
on nights that i cook, i cook for 2 meals (1 will be freeze dried)

  • stir fry chicken + broccoli + celery + shroom
  • eggs
  • bacon
  • beef stir fry
  • tomyam soup (beef + veges)
Physically, I've noticed I'm less bloated when i wake up, and my body aches are gone (minus the ones from karate training of course)

I've got this book from Mark's daily apple and it got me started on the diet.
I'm gonna keep on this diet until my aunt arrives.


Adino said...

Very interesting diet! I guess it's quite hard to avoid rice, wheat and soy when you eat out, but glad you managed to find some good choices.

Probably the next step is to avoid processed foods, because they contain chemicals and preservatives not found in the food of our ancestors.

hungheykwun said...

hi adino, how's yr veg diet? yeah, i try to avoid processed food as well. have you tried this diet before?

Adino said...

I'm not 100% vegetarian but just try to make vegetarian choices. So most of my weekday meals is vegetarian, but weekends is mixed.

But I don't understand why, I keep gaining weight haha.

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