If I quit my job...

  • What time would you get up and how would you feel?
Glad that i have time for pets and breakfast
  • What projects would you work on?
my fiction book
a karate book
a web community
online store
  • What would you spend your time learning?
vet course
perfect my photoshop skills
  • Who would you see during your day?
my karate sensei, my students in class
  • What will you eat for each meal?
something that i cook in the morning that will last for 3 meals
  • What would you wear?
shorts and t-shirt indoors, outside, jeans etc or my karate gi
  • What physical activities will you do?
i plan to teach karate 2 days once
  • How would spend your evenings
biking, my own training


Adino said...

Wow karate is a good skill to have. Actually you could make a living out of teaching karate!

hungheykwun said...

adino: not the type i teach. students usually quit cos its too hard, but thats another blog post for another day

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