50 Stress-Relievers That Take 5 Minutes Or Less

1. Take ten deep breaths.

i do this, its good to expand yr chest sometimes

2. Do push-ups, crunches, or pull-ups

every morning on knuckles. pull ups cannot la, so difficult

3. Play with a pet

every morning & evening when i get back

4. Take a short walk

every tues evening i bring them out for a romp

5. Read an article in the newspaper

rarely, i dont like the stink of newspaper, mostly i read online

6. Call a friend

over iM, just for the heck of it.

7. Listen to a song

i shld do this more often

8. Watch a video on YouTube

sometimes, it's a time waster

9. Play an instrument


10. Meditate


11. Eat a healthy snack

hahahaha, oatmeal

12. Spark a conversation

with who?

13. Make yourself a cup of coffee

every damn day

14. Sit in the sun and get some fresh air

and get skin cancer and get darker? crazy..

15. Doodle

all the time, esp during meetings

16. Sing a favorite song

and it will rain

17. Dance


18. Drum on your desk

destress myself and stress other ppl? so selfish..

19. Count your blessings

every day

20. Make plans to go out to dinner


21. Go outside and feed bread to the birds

my neighbor does that

22. Do a small favor for someone

i try to, everyday

23. Write a note to a loved one


24. Water the plants

twice a day. cutting grass even more destressful

25. Look through a photo album


26. Take a shot of liquor


27. Do a search on Google for “funny jokes”

waste time

28. Gaze at the stars

and get bitten by mosquitoes?

29. Get a back massage

once a month, thai massage

30. Stretch or do yoga


31. Take a quick shower

everyday of cos

32. Write a poem

when i'm emo

33. Check your email or Facebook


34. Make a list of old things around the house to donate

nobody wan them

35. Clean your desk

sometimes i do this

36. Try a word puzzle or Sudoku

sometimes i do this

37. Spend a moment with your children

no children

38. Do jumping jacks

every karate class

39. Scream at the top of your lungs (or into a pillow if you don’t want to disturb anyone)


40. Go to the bathroom

and pee?poo?

41. Play a game of billiards or ping pong

42. Check the local weather report

43. Sit somewhere with good scenery

44. Make a list of things to do on the weekend

45. Recite a prayer

46. Daydream

47. Wash your face with cold water

48. Take a power nap (make sure to set an alarm!)

49. Read your affirmations

50. Drive around town briefly

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