Dead Rising 2

Dead rising2 is out. yay! check out the moose head, beh tahan i tell you.

I have the 1st part on my wii (which is collecting dust and yes i know kee you're eyeing it for rm100!). Those who know me know i have this thing about zombies (novels, movies, games).

My faves:

  • resident evil series (the game)
  • resident evil movies (only the 1st part is nice)
  • world war z (google it, its free book)
  • monster series by david wellington (his stories are in the form of blog posts but dang, they're good!)
  • dawn of the dead (shopping mall zombies!)
  • diary of the dead (this gave me motion sickness)
  • dusk til dawn (a classic, must watch !)
  • grindhouse
  • too many (will update this list later)
back to my point, dead rising is a cool wii/pc/xbox game where you run around in a mall, fighting zombies. instead of the usual macho character with machine gun, you have to use anything u find in the mall to kill the zombies. which is so hilarously funny i tell you. i have used:
  • shopping cart
  • soccer ball! the ball actually bounces off the dead
  • chainsaw
  • a bench (you can actually mow em down with this)
  • a traffic cone (seriously)
  • frying pan (haha, heat this up on a stove and bang some heads)
  • mannequins
  • cigarette dustbins
  • you get the idea , right
now dead rising 2 is featured on a cruise ship. i cant wait to buy it today

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