Resident Evil:Extinction

Yes, Milla has style when she fights. However the movie has practically 0 character devt. it must have been easy to memorize the dialogue for the movie.

My name is Alice.
(look cool)
We should get out of here.
(slice a zombie)
(pants after run)
My name is Alice.
(look cool)

Things to look out for:
- running zombies (cher...seen that in other movies liao)
- Tyrant (tentacles, cher..seen that in MIB liao)
- lets have crow bbq with a sky of fire

- Vegas scene wasnt fully utilized, it could be Mount Fuji & it made no difference
- Oded & Milla kiss (no chemistry one)
- eiii so fast over one
- running zombies are so not scary
- why didnt the serum to make smart zombies only work awhile? no explanations?
- how did alice fight back her ctrl+alt+del?

best of all , got this loophole frm rottentomatoes:
How many zombies can you fit in a cargo hold? Apparently about 60,000 if you pack them really tightly.

How many people can escape in a small helicopter? The number seems to be about 20 if you pack them in like clowns in a VW bug.

How many people are stupid enough to let themselves get bitten by zombies and not take a bullet to the head? Well, this was actually only one, but it was a big duh for the reality in the film.


Jasonmumbles said...

It's Resident Evil.

I sure hate the part when they always scare you for nothing. Darn!

hungheykwun said...

jasonmumbles: have u watched? fight fight fight, no story right?

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