of brats & spoiled kids

i was queuing at 10pm last nite to put $ in a cash deposit machine. there was a father with his 2 year old son , waiting for their mother. the kid is hyperactive & noisy, always jumping around, wanting to touch everything with the father obliging. it came to the point where he screamed & demanded PLAY!!! indicating to his father to pull out empty cheque envelopes so he could 'play' with them. and again the father obliged, wasting paper & resources.
then he ever so cutely, toddled over to the cheque deposit machine & demanded again PLAY. when the father refused, he stomped his feet & threatened to cry. so the father picked him up & let him deposit the empty envelop into the machine. the little brat gave a loud YAY when it churned out a receipt. This is where vandals start from i tell u.

then the ever soft 'lets bully me, im a softie' father steps out for a smoke & the brat wailed & cried although he can see the dad practically from inside the glass, air conditioned room (fyi, his mom was in the room with him). poor dad had to extinguish his just lit ciggie and go inside to console the spoiled kid while i rolled my eyes & wish i could spank him. the softie didnt even have the guts to say a loud NO to his kid.

this is definitely the wrong way to raise a kid. give him everything he wants whenever he cries/stomps his feet/throw a tantrum.

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