Mobile Marketing

What is the one thing that people keep close to them all the time? Other than their wallets. Their cellphones, of course. There is a new breed of advertisement making its way in the marketing world. A type of marketing that grabs 100% of people's attention, an advertisement that can't be switched off or turned away from. That's mobile marketing.

Cellit mobile marketing is a company that offers mobile marketing services to companies for their advertising needs. Their client base includes big players like P&G, Philips & HSBC. When people mention mobile marketing, it is not just purely advertisements; mobile marketing is used mostly to:

- inform people of new promotions (be the first to get it!)
- offer coupons, discounts if you show them the message on your phone (i absolutely love these!)
- collect opinions via polls, feedback that's invaluable to future products/services
- host contests
- collect donations
- & so on...

The practical application of mobile marketing is virtually endless & Cellit mobile marketing offers the means to make this a reality.

One of their products is House4Cell (so aptly named!). it's a tool that allows real estate agents to send instant property information on any of their listings, directly to a homebuyer’s cell phone. This method is cost effective & delivers up-to-date information directly to the homebuyer in realtime so they don't miss out on any good deals.

Remember the coupons & discounts I mentioned earlier? Cellit mobile marketing's version of this is called CouponZap. With CouponZap, small business owners can create trackable mobile coupon campaigns, appointment reminders, and text alerts while measuring the effectiveness of their other advertising. Gone are the days when you have to scour a magazine & clip out the coupons & bring them to the store (you might lose them!). Now, all you have to do is sign up, receive an sms coupon, save it, then show your text message to the store. Convenient, huh! I'm all for everything paperless that's good for the environment.

If you own a business, mobile marketing is an option you may want to consider & Cellit mobile marketing is the provider that offers this easy-to-se service at an affordable fee.

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