ikea wall shelf

i bought this kewl ikea wall shelf for rm85, spent the night after karate assembling it. its made of untreated wood, but heck, i put my fridge, my microwave in it. and it had this kewl basket to hang stuff from that u can clip onto the boards. also bought a lamp for the dining table that tee gave me. its official now. every house has a theme right? some go for classical, modern, retro etc. moi? woody lor (excuse the pun), for 'cheap' ppl on a budget. what's woody?
  • my bed frame that broke twice
  • my tv bench
  • my 2 computer tables (1 tesco, 1 frm this lowyat plaza pc shop)
  • my towel rack
  • the dining table tee gave me
  • and now, my wall shelf
the furniture out of theme atm are:
  • wardrobe (stil the student fabric cupboard, me poor)
  • clothes drawer (those ugly plastic one's frm hypermarkets, they're not cheap i tell u)
  • the food preparation table (it's plastic, ugh)
i could swear, the minute u step into the house, u can almost smell the trees. bwahahha....anyways, looking fwd to get a new cupboard (ikea, ikea, ikea), a sofa bed and a decent kitchen table. but that's after the japan trip la. as wong sifu says, pokai liu...

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