Resident Evil meme

In the event that the Tvirus spread to Malaysia, turning ppl into zombies & you survived bites & scratches, but you are NOT immune:

First place to go: hypermarket

First person I'd contact: my bf

What I would wear:Khaki's, jacket & shirt

Go in a group / Lone ranger: group, i scare of ghost, not zombie

Bring a dog?:difficult to take care, no

If group, would you give or take orders :take

Carry a cellphone? :maybe

Would you look for guns? if yes, where: NO, police station full of zombies le

Hide somewhere / look for survivors ?hide

Things you would do everyday in your current location:barricade , make it more secure

Kill zombie children? :yes

Mode of transportation, type?:silent motobike, if there's such a thing.

Things in your backpack:first aid kit, panadol, water, parang

You see a zombie alone. He's not aware of you. Your path is not blocked. Kill or run? If kill, what method:Kill. Sneak from behind & chop chop chop

You get bitten. You turn into a zombie in a few hours. What would you do: Move away frm everyone else & lock myself in a room.



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