memories from college / university

I went to Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia in Bangi. It was my first time away from home for a period longer than a month. I never looked back since. They were sweet and sad memories and given a choice, i would not hesitate to go thru them again.

1. housing - i stayed on campus as i gave the campus a gold medal in Taekwondo each year. It was a norm that chinese students stayed on campus (mandatory) in their 1st year and moved to the nearby private rentals in their subsequent years. i opted to stay in as Taekwondo practice was frequent and there was a sandbag just outside my room.

i loved that sandbag, it was dirty and hard and heavy but some of the best moments of my life was spent under that tree. practising with my-then boyfriend, kicking at leaves to improve accuracy, fireworks he launched for me on my bday..

lesson: never plug a kettle to an extension powering yr computer at the same time if u dont want the entire block to come after u when u overload a fuse. i had to use the outside socket for a whole year and deal with a blackened wall.

2. room mates - i was a horrible room mate, i was disorganized, messy, dirty..only ch could put up with me. she actually cleared my desk for me. i'm stil messy now, but at a tolerable level.

people do their laundry at the weirdest times of the day and who had the common sense to wash their shoes in a washing machine?

3. ghost stories - each hostel was presumably haunted with the resident ghost. and there were stories of girls being possessed etc...

4. lack of water - this was always a problem esp during the 1st month of moving in. we stole water from the fireman's hose which was a dirty, murky yellow.

5. boys only - my former boyfren's hostel was bside mine and we made it a habit to sneak into each other's rooms whenever we could. to do wat? play Tekken 3..rofl

6. evenings - he liked to strum the guitar and i'd listen and sing along whenever i can...then his frens would come along and join, it was fun just relaxing and feeding the mosquitoes

7. food - cafe food was a pain, we usually biked to the off campus chinese mixed rice which was cheap (RM2.20) and on fridays, we had soup or went to the nearby town.

8. study - this was part time...heh heh really. i only went to 8am classes if i could wake up and when others went with big huge notebooks and colored pens, i had a piece of paper and a pencil. hey, i graduated with 2nd class upper and i wore sandals to class

9. the law faculty was an elite group that dressed impeccably making me look like a slob.

10. i organized my first taekwondo tourney

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