I finished harry potter 7!

ya ya, i know i'm late but in between work and karate training, what u expect ah?

IMHO on harry potter & the deathly hallows:
  • the hallows only came in the 2nd half of the book
  • someone lost an ear
  • someone died early and quite pointlessly
  • some others died later but wasnt given much story time
  • another one died after saving harry
  • someone's relative died
  • someone chged allegiance
  • we get to hear frm dumbledore (in a way)
  • dumbledore has dark secrets
  • new headmaster but hogwarts is only mentioned toward the end
  • snape aint as bad as we all think..kinda sad really
  • the ending seemed rushed & unplanned
  • the explanation on why voldy couldnt kill harry gave me a headache
this book was back in the rowling element, unlike half blood prince.

CUT TO THE CHASE (highlight to read spoiler)
the horcruxes are:
  • the ring (also one of the hallows which give the bearer ultimate power) (stabbed by sword of griffyndor)
  • hufflepuff cup (stabbed by basilisk fang)
  • riddle's diary (stabbed by basilisk fang)
  • ravenclaw's diadem (burned by cursed fire)
  • locket (yay, everyone got RABlack correct) - stabbed by sword by ron
  • nagini the snake (cut by sword by neville)
  • harry potter (avada k by voldy)
  • voldy (harry potter lo)
the hallows:
  • elder wand (undefeatable wand passed on frm perevell-> .....->grindelwald->dumbledore->malfoy->hp
  • stone (bring dead ppl to life)
  • cloak (hp's invinsible cloak)
possession of all 3 makes the rulers invinsible

Death list;
  • fred
  • mad eye
  • tonks + lupin (they had a kid)
  • dobby
  • snape (he loved lily - yay we got that right too! he was good)
Dumbledore's past
  • he had a sister ariana who couldnt control her magic that had to be locked all the time. the sister killed their mom and dumbledore had to give up his ambitions (greater good, he was like voldy, championing pure bloods with grindelwald) to come home and take care of her. in a scuffle between him, grindel and aberforth (d's bro), the sis was killed
  • dumbledore owned the elder wand after defeating grindelwald
  • he stayed as headmaster as power corrupts him
in the end, harry's love for everyone cast the same protection (like his mother's) making voldy's spells ineffective against them

i'm suspecting if JK is getting her ideas for book 7 frm the fansites as most of them came true..including snape loving lily..

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