The dangers of sms

  • u might send to the wrong person
bf: u know my boss is so irritating and stupid today...he etc etc
boss: kevin, is that u?

  • it allows u to say stupid things without thoughts of consequences that will later come back to bite u in the arse
gf: so i was thinking of wearing the white party dress to your cousin's wedding dinner
bf: u look fat in that

  • its rude to sms whn you're talking to someone face to face. sms can wait
boss: so today's meeting we're gonna talk about....
(cool sms alert - kikikukukekek)
gf: wait ar..(proceeds to sms)
boss: (drums fingers on table)

  • they might not get delivered (stupid telcos)
bf: i'm at gsc. u want to watch shrek at 3.30pm or 5.30pm?
bf: hey faster lar, im going to reach the counter liao
bf: u wan to watch shrek or not now?
lesson learnt: if its urgent, call.

  • they dont show emotion.
gf: how abt dinner with my parents this weekend?
bf: great! (wow, i can't wait)
bf: great... (got nowhere else to eat is it? have to listen to yr mom nag the whole meal)

lesson learnt: punctuation is important

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