while driving

us kl-lians spend a lot of time in our cars, u know, jam and all...some of us choose to stay in the sub-urbs and work in the city which might take 1 hour of traveling time (minus jams). thats a whopping 40 hours of our asses in the car seat per month. considering the time spent behind the wheel (moving or idling), driving has become 2nd nature and automatic. so what do you do in your car?

  • zone out
  • face maintenance (dig nose, press pimple) - not that i do that, mind u
  • watch dvd, vcd, listen to music, radio
  • talk/sms on phone
  • read a book, ebook, newspaper
  • eat - fast food is alright, mmm kay?
  • clear yr glove box
  • chk out hawt pedestrian/driver chicks/studs
  • read billboards & itis signs
  • curse/flip finger to fellow drivers/motorcyclists
  • think of blog topics and other money making online ideas
  • planning where to eat/cook/shopping list
what do you do in yr car when yr stuck in a jam?

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Gallivanter said...

That face maintenance thing is annoying, when I notice someone's doing that, I honk and point my finger at the person, laughing! :-)

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