sms scams

"TAHNIAH. Simcard anda memenangi hadiah cek tunai RM10000 plus reload kredit RM250 dari Peraduan DIGI.Sila hubungi: 00628134136111 Termia Kasih"

Sender number is : +628194205057

i got this thru sms today. i knew it was a scam and i called it (my prepaid credits left rm1 anyway). a bangla answered and told me in 'inglish' that i've won rm15k and rm250 and he asked for my bank acct number. in the background, i can hear another fella congratulating another caller (so much $ to give away?) at that point, my line got cut off (credit finish ma). i did a search and there's many ppl reporting this as a scam. they ask for yr bank acct number and then they ask u to bank in money to their acct. thats stupid right?

there is no free lunch in this world. if u did not participate in any contest, logic dictates u shld not win anything. sadly, many ppl will fall for this scam (uninformed - i wouldnt have known if i did not surf the net often, who doesnt want fast money?), and the govt is not only NOT doing anything abt it, they are condoning it. this includes sms short codes for contest (isnt that gambling? haram tau..) that charge exorbitant fees.


Gallivanter said...

You'd be surprised how gullible people are these days that they think there is an easy way out.

hungheykwun said...

gallivanter: heck , i fell for it for the first 15 seconds and called them...hehe but once they ask to deposit $ to their acct, the jig is up.

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