a day in the gym

so i went to this new gym center that just opened (they havent even had their grand official opening yet!). some gripes:

  • u gotta bring yr own lock

  • wat?no coke and coffee? ( i signed up for the free coke n coffee!)

  • no membership card yet

  • sometimes i like things quiet so having a live dj spinning remixes gives me a headache

  • no towels provided (yet)

  • due to this, i saw the bare butt of a lady entering sauna

  • area space smaller than i expected

  • pool not yet opened

  • i had to ask to be shown around (yah...i dont look like i can afford it, i get that alot)

some compliments:

  • cute personal trainers

  • new and hi-tech machines

  • cool classes (capoeira..hmmm)

  • they open frm 6 to 12am

  • when u cycle there's a fan blowing at yr face

  • i think the weight scale is wrong, im lighter :D

  • can save on hot water @ home

plan to go like, 3 times a week if i can haul my ass off bed in the morning...

my goal to lose 5 kg in 3 months and strengthen my wrist (broken hand, remember?)

i have weak triceps, quads and practically no ab (haha)

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