yeah...i'm just starting on this...

modding - to modify your item so that it no longer looks standard or factory-churned..(thats my definition lar..)

things we mod:
  • car (spoiler la, exhaust pipes lar)
  • pc / rig (bling it, water-cooling) - pic of Sidewinderz casing (from lowyat forum)
  • house (renovate le, extend it)
  • pets (dogs and cats esp - have u chk out the cat in my earlier post?)
  • phone (skin la, change casing la)
why we mod:
  • to express our individuality
  • eye candy
  • to show off (come on, admit it!)
  • hobby
  • too much $
  • improve performance
modding ain't cheap..why would u mod a pc to have lights that serve only aesthetic purpose? (yet, im doing it anyway *shy*) modding is a skill, modding is an art. its the pleasure and satisfaction of working with one's hands and standing back to admire the results.

the good thing abt modding is you can mod a bit at a time, save up for that part and add it on.

picture frm sidewinderz (

got MOD?

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Gallivanter said...

Gosh, that's a really fugly looking car in the first pic. LOL.

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