What's wrong with buying 2nd hand/refurbished?

im an impulsive spender. i admit it. i buy stuff when im happy, sad, in the mood, not in the mood, when i have money, when i dont have money...worse , im into gadgets too (an expensive hobby nonetheless) now, if i were to buy every new gadget launched, i'd be broke by now.. so i choose to buy 2nd hand items...some ppl frown on this, when u mention it is used, u think it is broken or dirty. but im basically quite a 'cincai' person (non fussy), to me, as long as it works and does its function, any mild scratches can be skinned or repaired. anyhow, i'm quite a rough tumbler myself and any gadget i own tend to spoil and look used in a short period of time.

why i buy refurbished/2nd hand/display sets:
  • shave off a few hundred over the same product thus saving money
  • i'll sell it off anyway when a new model comes out
  • to test its 2nd hand market value
Good reburbished items that i've bought:
  • notebooks
  • phones
  • pdas
  • walkie talkie
  • cheap china made lights
  • sauna belt (this one's a scam, watch out for next post)
  • replica watches
  • furniture (trying to find a table now)
items not to buy refurbished, no matter how cheap they are:
  • personal items like clothes, shoes
  • 'too good to be true' electronic gadgets
  • cheap accessories that i can get from shops like cables and mouse
  • items that cant be tested on the spot
depending on what you're looking for, there are quite a number of bargains online if you know where to look for them.
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martin said...

Yes, some of the items you can buy 2nd hands, but pls reminded not to buy second hand mobile phone.

hungheykwun said...

martin - haha...i'll add that to my list...however i do buy display set handphones

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