New PC - fresh install

software must-haves for me new bling bling

  • photoshop
  • klite
  • winrar
  • bitcomet
  • nero
  • kapersky
  • firefox
  • realplayer
  • adobe
  • quicktime
  • flash
  • office
  • vs2005
  • sql server 2005
  • mysql


Gallivanter said...

bittorrent, limewire, winamp? :-)

hungheykwun said...

gallivanter: bitcomet is the client p2p that i use..

winamp no need media player 11 ma....

what other must-have software do u have on yr pc?

Gallivanter said...

I only live and breath limewire and bittorrent, I mostly have the same software as you. :-)

hungheykwun said...

gallivanter - bittorrent good ka? on good days, 1 movie takes only 1 day. hey, i just got back from langkawi. wish you an enjoyable trip in august!

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