are you a sucker for ebook scams?

have you come across pages that promise you that you can make $1000(insert ridiculous amount here) in 1 day ? these are scams. who in their right mind would want to share such a secret with you ( as the chinese say...who will carry a big safe and jump around) and only charge you a fraction of the price? no one is that stupid. let's take a look at a real world scenario. if i had a bak kut teh formula that is proven and would earn me alot of money, would i sell the formula to you for RM50? no, right? these websites work on human weakness, our greed to make money with no effort and in the shortest amount of time as possible.

how to spot ebook scam sites
  • long sales letters
  • claiming fast profit down to the last cent
  • proof of riches (photoshopped bank account total and paypal) and pictures of bmw, big houses which they probably never set foot on
  • 30 days refund (how do u refund an ebook?)
  • testimonials from people they have never met (strangely with no contact number)
  • giving bonus material
  • ps and pps
always remember, you get what you paid for. don't be a sucker.

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