reality TV

im not a fan of reality tv though i do watch american idol & apprentice on and off whenever (if ever!) i turn the idiot box on. i had the displeasure of watching 'pls give me a job' and i swore off the show after seeing the living proof of failure of the malaysian education system aka justin. last week i watched 'so you think u can dance?' the moves were very nice and its totally refreshing to see your everyday tom-dick-harry and jane training and able to dance like professionals. until they opened their mouths that is...

"oooohh...i think i not sexy enough..."

"how to be sexy, last time i very tomboy wan..."


read this on someone's blog.

" colabr8 tidak puas hati disingkir

kami tidak berpuas hati kerana Gang starz telah memasukkan semula peserta yg tersingkir sebelum ini"

~first off, learn to spell, my good man. 2ndly, i bet you wont make a great hoo-ha if you are the one yang di-masukkan semula to compete, eh? jealous ah?

"Bukan mudah untuk kami berada di tahap sekarang. Keluarga kami sudah banyak mengundi (hantar sms) untuk kami."

~aha....proves u got no talent, and u only managed to get so far cos daddy and mommies wore their thumbs and credit down, sms-ing to save your untalented bottom.

"tetapi hati kami memang terguris. sampai hati mereka buat kami macam ini," katanya sambil menitiskan air mata." drama go join a drama reality tv la...sing for wat...some more, wanna cry buckets in public and media tv? even sanjaya had the courage to swallow his tears and perform his final song..


Gallivanter said...

What's this new series, "So You Think You Can Dance?", on which channel? I'll probably give it a watch if I need to get bored. :-P

hungheykwun said...

gallivanter -
thurs 9.30pm 8tv

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