Now everyone can fly

i went for a holiday last week, the free tickets coming frm air asia (i had to reload and click the page numerous times!) and it was an enjoyable experience (the trip, i mean).

my flight was at 4pm and dear had something to do at 12pm. it was quite impossible for us to make check-in time. luckily they introduced WEB check in April so i happily utilized this. With web check in, i can check in 6 hours before flight time. the downside is i cant chk in my luggage and have to hand carry everything. this was fine as we were only going for a 3 day 2 nights mini holiday and only had 3 bags among us. i printed the boarding passes (good one, air asia!) and we went to settle our errand. we boarded the shuttle bus at lcct (RM7 each) at 240 and reached at 3.45pm. if we had used the conventional check-in (we might've forfeited our tickets). i suspected we were the first users of web check-in as the sequential number was 001 and 002. haha!


on the day of return, i received sms from air asia in the morning (flight was at 8pm) that it would be delayed to 10pm. so i called them up and arranged to change to the earlier flight (4pm). all done efficiently and hassle free with me lounging by the pool with dear splashing everywhere. kudos to air asia for that!

try the air asia web check in:
  • saves time
  • check in 6 hours before (when you're confirmed going but cant make check in time)
  • no IC check
  • save paper
  • no queues and hauling your luggage at the counter
i wanted to send this post to air asia but i cant seem to find the 'CONTACT US' via email at the air asia site.

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