some hedgehog tips

ogs are cuddle-able, as cuddle-able as a hamster...i mean not all hamsters stay put when u try to hold them unless u hold them tight...
for hogs, believe me, u dun wanna hold them too tight, as when they are surprised , they will raise their quills. but its not dangerous btw even when they raise the quills, its like holding a heavy toilet brush (neh..the brown kind) the hogs i breed dont hiss & pop unless u provoke them by poking them

same with hogs, the mother of the albinos IS cuddle-able until she starts sniffing around trying to get out of yr arms, so her kids might inherit the same trait and i handle them everyday so they're used to humans.

as for biting, remember, they are exotic animals, just like sugar gliders, scorpions, snakes. they will bite if yr hand has just recently handled their food .the good thing is they give u a warning by licking yr finger before biting u. so pull yr finger away when they start licking. and hogs that have bitten me, have never drawn blood, compared to hamsters. and they dont bite when u cuddle them

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