hedgehog care

for noobs, u will need:

*container (i give)
*water dispenser (i give so u only need to fill up water every 3-4 days)
*cat food biscuit /pellets
* mealworms (occasssionally)
* wood shavings (non pine)
* toy or empty toilet roll
* hide box (terbalik an ice cream box) or newspaper (they'll make their own nest)

feed them once a day
play with them (me, i just kuchi them under the belly)
chg shavings once in 2 weeks or whn it gets dirty

whn they get poo stuck on their quill (its actually hard fur), scrub it out with an old tooth brush and watch yr hedgehog squirm in the water

manuals say adult hedgehogs grow to the size of a baby rabbit. my 3 year old male albino is the size of an adult guinea pig. so thats a rough estimate of its size

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