signs yr a blog reader addict

horrified, i recognized these symptoms in myself. the point of realization was when i got a forwarded mail frm my aunt; one look at the picture of the guy reviewing the public toilets with his pants half down and i said without a pause (nope, not even hey this fella looks familiar); chey..thats kennysia. and i even knew where he came from.
  • u recognize a blogger by his photo/on the street
  • yr fav blogger is not only in yr bookmark, he's in yr startup menu and is the first thing that loads when u power on
  • u have two lives: yr offline and online life. guess which one u spend more time in?
  • u schedule yr social life around blogger gatherings
  • u read memes so often u know intimate details of the blogger better than his/her gf/bf
  • recent happenings in bloggers' lives reach u faster than it reaches their parents
  • u start to curse/swear in acronyms (eg:knncbb)
  • u rely on blogs for latest news instead of mainstream media
  • u comment on their every single post
  • bloggers actually know who you are although you dont have a blog yourself
  • u prefer reading blogs compared to fiction
  • blogger makes one small change to his template and u notice it straight away
anymore to add, folks?

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