i waited a year for you,
when you came, u were a bundle of warmth
big,soulful eyes
u were playful, a hound always sniffing
u whined the first few days but i loved you

i knew u would love yr new home
we would accompany each other
on walks as we avoided stray dogs,
of baths u willingly took
and u watching guard as i sleep.

i bought u a collar with a bell,
knowing i'd soon replace it as u grew
i bought cans and cans of food
for the love of my eye always got the best

when u got sick, i was worried
i sent u to the vet too late
u showed signs early, i paid no heed
the night before, i held u close
i told u to be strong, by hook or by crook
i would bring u medical attention

brave little one you are
u held on for me
i kissed u goodbye, see u soon, i told u
u breathed yr last as i left
u took a part of my heart with u when u died

tears flowing, i carried yr still-warm body
and i hugged u and told u im sorry
i buried u in the only house u knew as home
with the one toy u had the chance to own
and i stay by your side every evening

dear lucky, i look at your empty cage and i cry again
u were mine for a short time
but u left an imprint in my heart
everytime u wagged for me
and came to me when i called
u could've been the most beautiful dog
i could've been the luckiest owner
u left me alone, as my lover did

dear lucky, sorry for not being able to take care of you in this life
i promise with all my heart, i'll be with you soon
we'll be together again
you'll never be sick again.

in loving memory of lucky
beagle 21 st nov 2006

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