i love Lucky

3 weeks ago, i got a pup frm dear. she was a beagle abt 2 months old. dear gave me a cage to put her. we wanted name her cookie, pookie, finally settled on lucky. on the day i got her, my notebook got struck by lightning. 1 week later, her ear start itching and she scratcheed til it had pus. i took her to the doc. he shaved her ear n she wore the elizabethan collar. 2 days later, she lost her appetite. i thought ntg of it, thought it was the ear infection. then she started diarrhoea and vomiting. dear blamed me, said she got the virus frm the clinic. so i decided to let the disease run its course cos i was afraid i would expose her to more virus. during the weekend, ,i could've brought her to the clinic. but i had a wedding dinner and on sunday, i had karate. these are all excuses, ,i could stil have brought her, butt i didnt. i was broke this month. i lost her when she died today 21/11 at 2.00 pm. she waited til i left her at the vet before she died. i saw her eyes she struggled so hard. the nite before i told her to be strong, i loved her, and i was brringing her to the vet. she was strong for me.

she didnt want me see her die. i cried so much, i 'm crying now. im so sorry cookie, why didnt i send u to the vet.

cookie i love you. i love it when u shook yourself frm head to tail everytime u got up. i love it when u wagged yr tail and got ready to come out frrm cage when i came close. i love it when u knew where to poo. u were the perfect dog and i didnt take good care enough of u.

im so sorry cookie

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