I used to have a phobia abt my teeth. Now before I start on that, i have a full set: 32 (inclusive of wisdom teeth which grew in & give me lotsa pain when i was 21) My teeth are well-aligned (required no orthodontic work), except for my right incisor which is unusually small. My dentist would poke at it & say lovingly: awww...what a cute pointy little thing. u want me to file it down? and i would look at her like she had gone nuts. My teeth are getting yellowish due to my 2-cuppas a day routine. Anyway, I used to have weird dreams involving my teeth. I would dream that my teeth would explode in my mouth. ANd the experience was highly detailed. YOu know that sanitized smell at the dentist's? I get that taste in my mouth, then they burst & i can taste blood & shrapnels of my teeth. Most of the time, i wake up scared shitless, but perversely delighted that my teeth were all intact by counting them with my tongue.

now, i'm into martial arts & i like sparring a lot. my personal philosophy in sparring was this: u can break my legs, u can kick me anywhere, but if u chip my teeth, so help you God.
Thank goodness for Dr Dobbs mouth piece. Now speaking of fighting, here are 2 memorable experiences:

1. Guy gets kicked in mouth. Guy cups mouth with hand & walks away. Blood drips through fingers. Drip DRip Plop Plop. The Plop was the sound of his teeth leaving his mouth. Forever.
2. Girl gets kicked in mouth. Girl falls. Kicker also falls. Girl suffers frm broken lip. Kicker suffers from cut foot. Wow.

The only serious mouth injuries I had ever had were cut lips. There were shallow cuts & there were also spouting hose cuts. But I have to thank my lucky stars that I still have my 32 pearls after countless battles.

Yesterday I was eating a chicken albeit too whole-heartedly. A splinter of bone got stuck between my gums at the back of my molars. the pain was excruciating. it felt like a fucking volkswagon jammed up between my molars. i dug and i dug but the damn bone just wouldnt come out. so i brushed it with my toothbrush, i flossed (to the extent of drawing blood, ), i even gargled with listerine & that tough chicken just refused to budge. i think my teeth and & breath were the cleanest & freshest yesterday. I could have given the Colgate girl a run for her money. finally, i gave up & mentally booked an appt with the dentist the next day.

my gums were already swollen with the bone addon and with swelling, they loosened considerably to dislodge the idiotic chicken. i picked it out in triumph & flicked it at the nearest rubbish bin.

now with crowning, i can sleep easy at night. no way in hell, im gonna wear dentures when im old.

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