A year in review

A recap of 2004
- Jan
- Feb (took my state referee qualification test)
- Mar
- Apr (got retrenched)
- May (job hunting, first referee stint)
- June (found new job@ultradata. was offered 2 jobs actually, but chose the former one)
- July (went to Melbourne for training)
- August (participated in MMU Open, lost badly)
- Sept (officiated Port Dickson MSSD)
- Oct (officiated Kuantan MSSD)
- Nov
- Dec (organized Interclub, a walk down the beach)

A peer into the future
- Jan (officiated MMU Melaka Invitational)
- Feb (will officiate UM Martial Arts Festival, attend MIND gathering)
- Mar (M's birthday, 2.4 km milestone1)
- Apr (1st draft of book done, hopefully!)
- May (2.4 km milestone2)
- Jun (togo: Chun CHeon, Korea or NSC Sports Science Lvl 1)
- Jul (3rd upgrading, hopefully!)

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