cartoon week

a new fad im currently on besides annoying michael:

watching endless cartoons. past few days has been cartoon network week for me. been pretty down the last few days so i got myself watching episodes over episodes of the following:

- seasons 2,3,4 of south park (kids with mouths as foul as sailors)
- seasons 1,2 of simpsons (never really liked them)
- seasons 1-4 of futurama (life in the year 3000 with a 'bite my shiny metal ass' robot)
- 6 episodes of spongebob squarepants (a sea sponge living in a pineapple in a place called bikini bottom)

hours after hours of mindless animation & wise cracking, i think my brain has died. had a 'yellow wine chicken' dinner with tee, boughts tonnes of the dvds above. moved my blog to blogspot cos i couldnt customize bravejournal. did some photoshopping. chk them out at my main page. hoo yeah, i rock! downloaded a whole bunch of ebooks frm irc.

got pissed off at mike, but didnt care. he's an asshole who's not worth my time. so what else is new? the bastard...

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