Always available

Tired of whatsapp and other messaging platforms. It gives the illusion that I am constantly available. I only love my mobile for it's entertainment value, not so much for it's function as communication device. With the mobile, people can call me 24/7. Is that a good thing?

I'm in contact with a person , who would fly into rages if I do not respond immediately. As in, I would be in deep shit, if I do not read and start typing the minute his message is sent to me. I live such a stressful life.

Once, a long time ago, I deluded myself that lunchtime was ME-time. I could read my fav novel on my phone and ignore any messages that came in. Oh, the stress of dealing with the fallout of this delusion. It took hours to cajole that said person. The stress and effort of dealing with the aftermath was just not worth the ME-time.

I'd also get messages asking me to fix things on this website that I'm doing for free.
It's come to the point where I just remove my gmail and comp…

I don't like being wet

Ya, call me kerbau. What I especially hate are

wet floorswet floors seeping into my shoes turning my socks wet and my toes wrinkledsweaty bodies (mine and others)wet hairwet anythingwet fur Wetness and humidify damage electronics. Wetness cause slippery surfaces that lead to injuries.
I guess anything wet that doesn't dry properly leads to mold and musty odors that I just cannot tolerate. For a few years, I was ridiculed for wearing clothes that smelled from musty odors (thanks to not knowing I'm supposed to clean washing machines every once in a while)
It's no wonder I cannot swim and don't drink much water. Maybe I died from drowning in my past life, who knows.
Therefore I try to waterproof everything that I can. Current obsession is finding proper waterproof sport shoes.This is quite an impossible task actually. It seemed only hiking and soccer shoes are waterproof. What the heck.

Loving myself

Whatever I'm feeling, it will pass.

Breathe in 5 seconds, hold for 2, exhale through mouth for 5. Use fitbit or Calm app

I can't change the situation

Let it go, not everybody is perfect

This will not bother me

Listen to soothing and upbeat music. Have earbuds always charged and on standby

One exercise session a day + the routine plank and push up

Massage my neck

Declutter one area when I feel like it

Humidifer , essential oils

Play some idle games and hidden object games

Draw, paint, burn some wood

new year, new resolutions

Blood test result came back quite ok actually
It's the new year and in order for things to change, I must change


forget about being a people pleaserbe less upset accept that some things are out of my controlnot everything needs to be perfecttake it easyreward myself moreenjoy & be thankful for the little things in life
Body 2 more potato diets this yearDrop to 75kgat least 500 punches per weekat least 1 yoga session per weekat least 1 gym session per weekstrengthen the bum knee
My projects get member system donePublish & print another book. sell at least 20maintain a high traffic martial art related websiteYoutube videos? (at least 10 videos this year)
That's quite a lot this year Wish me luck

Sensory Deprivation Tank / Float Therapy

So I've been doing this sensory deprivation therapy thingy. It's a pod filled with epsom salt and you strip naked, close the pod and float in it. I figured what the heck, try something new.

So here's my experience. The visit is per appt, so I had to leave office at 715pm to reach Hartamas before 8pm. Met up with Mel who was very friendly and informative and explained all the steps required. The pod was in a small room and it looked like a spaceship, something Superman would arrive in. I took a shower, put in my ear plugs and stepped into the pod.

To be honest, I was scared as I did not know how to swim and the loss of control and unnatural buoyancy of the salty water threw me off. I kept hearing my loud heart beat due to the ear plugs and the more I paid attention, the quicker my heart beat.

There was a neck pillow and a fibre foam head support which suspiciously looked like a toilet seat; as I couldn't find a comfortable position for my neck. I turned off the lights a…

Horrid neighbors

So I'm part of this whatsapp group of the local neighborhood.
There's something about the anonymity of hiding behind your mobile that turns an otherwise polite member of society into a troll

Now it was clearly stated this was a security related neighborhood group. Yet people felt free to :
send good morning messages and good bless you everydayspam share their political views, cures to cancers outdated posts of missing childrencomplaints of  dirty drains and then a plea for somebody to please do somethingreligious doctrinerepeated spams because their thumbs had seizurespictures of accidents & dead childrenrumours and today, I get messages cursing cats. Excuse me? I assume cats have suddenly evolved to own smartphones and can read since their anger was directed to the cats.
Thankfully other members of the group told him off.
Smartphones have really changed the way we communicate. Any Tom Dick and Harry with functional fingers and an IQ of 10 can pop up a post and it goes vira…

i hate whys

I hate it when people ask me why

why are you sick?why don't you cut your hair?why are you here?why did you do this?why are you fat?why are you poor?why did you hurt your knee?why is so and so...
As if answering the why, the problem will resolve itself. I hate whys, it is a victim question, trying to displace guilt, finding a reason for something happening, when effort should be on solving the problem.