I'm OK

After a health scare, I've reset my health. Blood test is fine but it was a wake up call that I cannot go on consuming junk as if I were 18 years old.

Life Goals

  • Be remembered by martial artists (perhaps a Lex tournament cup?) I've organized 2 tournaments
  • Make a difference for dogs/cats that have no owners (donate to paws at least twice a year)
  • write a book (on m/arts for women)

Fitness Goals

  • run 5k on a treadmill walk the dog at least once a week
  • walk to Paradigm Mall from office for all purposes
  • workout with kettlebell once a day once a week (I have friday strength class to compensate for this, but kettlebell is good for explosive)
  • get kettlebell certified
  • 3rd dan karate. DONE
  • 4th dan tkd. 5 th dan now
  • Yoga with Andrea at least twice a month

Travel Goals

  • Visit Egypt  Vegas
  • Visit Japan annually (go somewhere different each time) - looking fwd to this Nov
  • Become Fluent In japanese
  • obtain NZ PR  I love Malaysia

Minimalism Goals

  • Clear my storeroom throw at least 2 boxes worth of trash
  • Lessen the number of notebooks that I have
  • Sell at least 1 item on Mudah

Adrenaline Rushes

  • Pilot a plane
  • Fake rock climbing
  • Scrambler racing

Events To Attend

  • A play by Alan Rickman

Professional Goals

  • Put 50k in a year. RM20k done
  • Quit this job. Create another where I'm the boss
  • Buy a mini mart

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