What makes a good notebook?

My first notebook was a Twinhead (whatever happened to that brand?)
It was big, it was clunky, it had a whopping 4.7GB of hard disk. It costed RM4,888.
I remembered using MS Word on it, a lot.

More than 15 years have passed since my first notebook & I have owned more than 10 notebooks since then. Technology has improved so much that the thinnest notebook could house the fastest processors. But there is such a thing as overkill as I learned the hard way.

I've always thought that the fastest processors, the highest RAM, the best graphic card, the thinnest notebook, the biggest display would satisfy me. I wanted a notebook that catered for all occasions, from watching movies, to rendering 3d, to playing games.

I did at a time own a super notebook, supposedly built for gaming, but it had heating issues. I could fry an egg on its keyboard. I owned a flexible yoga notebook that I could fold like origami, but I broke its hinge. I had a notebook made of wood, but it couldnt play games well.

Finally I realized yesterday, a good notebook to me, was a display that could be read/watched in sunlight. Sundays are my karate days and I spend 10 am to 8pm (earliest) at the dojo. 12-3pm were my rest times and I had a sunny room where I could lie down and do my thing (it also doubles as a prayer room). The view of the empty sky while lying down in that room is just spectacular. How long has it been since you've lain down on grass and just watched the clouds float by? I do it every Sunday afternoon albeit indoors, with the fan humming in the background. Imagine my annoyance when after a session of cloud watching, I setup my notebook to watch a tv series and I could only see the reflected clouds on the notebook screen. Closing the curtains did not help. Luckily the next week, I brought the Asus Switch 12 and somehow this display was viewable under sunlight. Let's hope the Asus fares better in the gaming session too.

First world problem, heh.

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