So you're always late?

I always have this bad habit of showing up late. M hates it. In fact, the latest incident was when he asked me to pick him up at 10am, but I showed up at 10.30. He got tired of waiting and asked others to fetch him.

I'm also sometimes late for karate class. It starts at 8pm but I usually show up at 8.30pm due to work sometimes. But more often, I was just tired and didnt want to work out. Used to be the master threw late students out. 

I'm also late for my own class (not always, but sometimes)

I'm late for work (I do make up for it by working late too)

Come to think of it, the only thing not late about me is my period. That's always on time. ROFL.

I think part of the reason why I'm always late is because:

  • I dont want to be there
  • I'm not prepared (classes)
  • I'm tired
  • last minute problems (can't find wallet, keys, had to pick up dog poo)
I've tried resolving this by setting my clocks ahead, sometimes it works :D

But this take, by tynan that 

Punctuality is more than just being on time. It's an extension of your honesty.

This totally hits the spot because I daresay I'm an honest person. And if being late means that I'm being dishonest or being a liar, by God, I will be on time from now on.

 First I deconstruct the reasons that I am late.

  • I dont want to be there (then cancel the damn appt and don't cancel it last minute)
  • I'm not prepared (I usually think up a syllabus before I conduct the class. solution to this is I prepare a batch of syllabus instead of last minute ones)
  • I'm tired (coffee, sleep, knee guards, wrist guards)
  • last minute problems (can't find wallet, keys, had to pick up dog poo. i solved this by putting all my items in 1 place and doing a mental check before locking the gate. I even think up a song while I'm locking the gate so that I don't go back to chk if I locked the gate - yeah, I'm OCD like that)
Let's hope I never die and get this written on my tombstone: Here lies Lex, she was late.

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