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Home3 (after inspiration from xiaxue) is meant to be a park-themed house. I know, I know...who the hell wants to live in a park? Well, what to do...budget and existing decor already determines that home3 is destined to be park-themed. Since i've already bought the ikea table (you know those tables with strips of wood that you eat inside on?), it even has the hole where you can prop up an umbrella. My feature wall is a green ochre (eww, ask the partner why he chose that color), and i've got woolly green carpeting that doubles as grass for Tom the cat loves to sleep on.

Home3 initially started off as a Bali themed house but Bali decor is hard to come by and it's friggin' expensive. Anyways, this post is not about home3 but spa music. How'd I veer off so far? Age, I tell you.

I'm into spa music at the moment, relaxing tones, pianos, strings, bells, you know, songs that don't have lyrics. there are also nature sounds where they play the sounds of waves, birds, thunderstorms, rain (I find this oddly soothing although it increases my visits to the loo). Also theta, delta sound waves to calm/relax the mind.

At first, i was skeptical that these would be beneficial. But after a particularly stressful day in the office one day and I had another event to rush to, I was sleep deprived and emotionally tired, I knew I had to nap but i only had 1 hour. So I turned everything off (except the air conditioning, of course, this was my pre-sinus days). I had downloaded a brainwaves sound program into my ipad. So I closed my eyes and let the music fill the room. I only managed to sleep for about 20 minutes but it was as refreshing as a full 8 hour sleep. Since then, I've been a believer that music helps calm me and plays an active role in my moods.

Of course I'm not a solely Reiki listener, I like my share of Kansas, Greenday, Chemical Romance songs, but there are just days when soft music soothes the soul.

I'm sharing my playlist here so you can benefit from the ear-gasm.

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