on Japan

You know I really love Japan. Not just because of E. But because of the people, the environment. Despite the fact that Japan lies on a fault line and there are earthquakes on a regular basis, despite the fact that there are really a lot of people in Japan, the Japanese have really thrived. Japan has given us cars, electronics, ultraman, and damn healthy Japanese food.

I go to Japan twice yearly for my annual karate thing. And it is always a trip to look forward to. I don't  get to visit beautiful tourist spots like Disneyland etc, but I get to live the typical Japanese lifestyle. The daily purchases from Lawson, the early dusk during winter, bicycle car parks, totally messy power lines, radio on the streets, everybody wearing formal coats, leaves of different colors, efficient use of small space, standing restaurants, musical toilets. The list goes on.

It is my personal bucket list that I spend 3 weeks in Japan in Nov this year.

Here's a good guide on Japan

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