i hate wpf

I'm doing wpf at work at the moment. It is stressful with ridiculous deadlines & I'm thinking of quitting cos it aint worth it.

It's just a bad decision to use wpf for the new product. Nobody has anything nice to say about it, except the customers , who like the interface, which frankly can be done much easier in conventional .net or even web.

Why I hate wpf (with MVVM)?

  • nobody has any experience in this
  • no one is fucking using it (only 2 companies hiring programmer with wpf skills as opposed to 400+ for .net)
  • it's big and clunky. eg: to close a simple form, I have to raise events and make attached properties. WTF. in .net its just a matter of calling form.close
  • performance hit. it is slow, it lags
  • who says it reduces code breakage?
  • generated sql statements by LINQ that are not human friendly
  • obscure exception messages
  • technology is supposed to make things easier , not more difficult
worse is M$oft is actually stopping support on silverlight. Considering the amount of companies using this technology, wpf is on its way out.

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