Minimalist things to do

Have a happy life

Take a 10 minute walk/jog around your neighborhood without any iPod's or
other electronics with dog

Cook a meal today.

Call a fren up for coffee.

Buy a trinket.

Give thanks to God everyday.

Another major thing to change is the feeling of guilt. Do not feel guilty if you are
unable to commit to another person's commitments. It is not your fault for not
committing to something that someone else wants to do. Start thinking selfishly.
This doesn't mean you never do anything for anyone else. This just means that
you commit to your own happiness before others. If you do not start committing

Eat healthy:
1.  Take everything out of the fridge.  
2.  Throw away anything that you can't pronounce
more than 2 ingredients.

Powerful words

Don’t take inspiration for granted. When it hits, stop everything to capture and create.
Embrace the process. Forget about the end result. You never get there anyway. Find comfort in knowing that the process is all there is.

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