Ebook scams

So many self improvement sites out there. Teaching you how to :

  • be a minimalist
  • save money
  • make money
  • be fit
  • lose weight
  • retire early
  • buy property
So many ebooks out there to filter through especially from sites like clickbank. Normally you won't know what you get until you buy it. Then you're either impressed and find the book useful or be dismayed to find it's mostly fillers with 0 content and less than 50 pages or worse it's a thick book but the fonts are so big that a blind man could read them.

How to see through ebook scams ?
  • be wary of too many testimonials even from reputable bloggers. they probably scratch each others' backs
  • write the author and ask for a table of content
  • see if you can download it online
  • judge the cover. is it cheaply made, is it using royalty free images? most bodybuilding books are guilty of these. I've seen the same abs used on multiple covers by different authors
  • does the author's blog contain useful content? if not, what makes you think his ebook will be any different?
  • does the blog contain less than 10 posts or solely to sell the ebook?
  • is there no author face associated to the book? is he hiding something?
Example of reputable ebook sites:
  • 4hourworkweek
  • joelrunyon (his ebook is free)
  • zenhabits

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