altitude review : go watch this

This was a release straight to video if i'm not mistaken. Low budget but don't judge a book by its cover. Photography and videography fans will love this, as the movie has beautiful shots and unique angles of what could have been boring plane shots.

Actors and actresses were surprisingly good, the movie was slow to start, dear went like...dear what monster movie is this? talk talk talk only.... action came in the 2nd part and i was actually at the edge of my seat ( a first for me as i was watching this at home)

good ending concept and i didnt feel cheated with the explanation and the ending was actually quite positive.

SPOILERS (highlight to read)
Bruce has a fear of flying due to being in a plane crash (another plane crashed into his parents' plane that was flown by sara's mom) where his parents died and he actually fell into a lake. as an adult, he fell in love with sara but sara knew it was not meant to be due to their parents' history. so them and couple of frens were on this plane going somewhere (dunno where as i was doing the laundry, hehehe), and a loose screw jammed the 'elevator' of the plane causing it to ascend high up into dark clouds. blablablabla.....all the frens got killed, leaving bruce and sara. there's a monster shrieking outside and bruce figured out that whatever he imagines comes to life. as a kid, he was reading on plane crashes and a plane crashed into his plane. as an adult, he had this comic book that showed a squid in the air. anyways, sara kissed him and the squid disappeared and they thought they were scot free until he realized sara didnt love him. dark clouds appeared again and the squid tried to pull sara out of the plane. sara told him to imagine his parents so bruce brought them and the plane back to the past where they nearly missed hitting another plane (young bruce). the past has been changed and we see adult sara and bruce fading into whiteness. young sara and bruce (who never got into a plane crash) met for the first time.

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Adino said...

Very interesting story line.

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