2010 in review

Since everyone in the blogosphere is doing it


started playing the piano again after 10 year hiatus. once you learn you never forget and with internet now, piano sheets are practically free and now i'm financially adequate to purchase a keyboard

other than piano, don't really have time for anything else

i envy adino's exercise and baking interests :D

Highest and Lowest

Being appointed branch chief for this karate group.
Purchasing my own property albeit the HIGH d/p. argh!
lowest - ehhhh my health is not so good (october was the month of sickness), starting to be a hypochondriac as i'm getting older
but have started to eat healthier now, less carbs, following 4hourbody by tim ferriss religiously to lose weight


Nothing major this year compared to last, everything's monotonous but stable. no increment though but i'm thankful for small blessings

i have a habit of printing a photo album (compilation of pics frm my cam, phone and all devices) from photobook each year to document my life so what i did this year was:

  • organized 1st all asia tournament
  • coached and managed karate team to perak for tourney (shouted until lost my voice!) you can see my mug in sin chew jit poh
  • attended sis wedding
  • went to universal studios
  • learned business processes of cyber cafes, pet shops and mini markets

fuhh, this was a year of gadgets for me

ps3, winpad (incidentally anyone interested to buy this from me?), galaxy S, lenovo tablet notebook, asus bamboo notebook, sony ereader


With the partner, I've learned not to take arguments too seriously, they tend to resolve themselves overnight so why fret

With friends, not so good, out of touch except with the old UKM taekwondo gang

With family, slightly better due to sis wedding

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