ip man 2 review

Now Ip Man 1 was pretty unbelievable with the guy almost invincible with his speed punch that couldnt hurt a fly. and he made the japanese look bad.

Ip Man 2 was better. Why? (spoilers so don't read if you haven't watched)

  • Samo Hung (the guy makes white highlights look cool)

  • The fight on the round table with the 'masters' goading each other to challenge ip man. so reminiscent of keyboard warriors that are all talk but no action

  • the guy actually gets knocked around quite bad and you actually feel and root for him in the end

  • the camaderie of his students

  • the look on Samo hung's face when Ip man saved his son while fighting, that totally chges a mobster, i mean master

  • the fat boy they picked as samo's son..ROFL, the cheeks were huge. HUGE!!!!

The bad?

  • Donnie portrayed Ip man quite sissy-ly

  • Cigarettes are bad for martial arts yo

  • No money to eat still wanna get pregnant? Halo....financial planning

  • Training by beating on Wing Chun dummy ain't enough to prepare you for a real fight. Imagine if Twister had his gloves off. One punch and you can visit Hung Master in heaven

Go watch it if you want a movie that holds no surprises

And no, you won't fight as good as donnie by learning wing chun after watching the movie

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