rich vs poor

You know when rich people act like dicks, people are quick to point out, ohhh he can do whatever he wants cos he's rich. That's the easy excuse 'poor' people like to make. It's like, poor people despise rich people for what rich people have that they do not. I'm ashamed I used to think the same way too, that proves how narrow minded I was.

I'd say maybe I know 3 rich people in my life. Rich not as in financially freedom (those I know 2), but rich as in loads of money in their bank, own business etc. Lately I've been reflecting a lot and I realized what sets these 3 people apart from the rest of us working classes. It is not the money; but the attitude. Their attitude ensures they continue being rich, and poor people attitude ensures that we continue being poor. We can no longer say oh..they're rich cos they're born rich or he's just lucky, its his attitude that allows him to lead/manage big/small corporations. Sames goes for working attitude, when poor people are wasting time on social networking and non beneficial activities online, what are rich people doing? And i've just realized most rich ppl are men. Why? Cos women are emotional and petty. (yes, I'm a woman also). You can be the best technical or hardworking person in the world but you can never be rich.

And these 3 rich people I know are among the humblest I've ever known, even more humble that normal folks and that's really paiseh. Maybe poor folks overcompensate for what they don't have by talking big.

So I dare say, we all start out the same in life. It is the choices and attitude that define how far we go. As long as we never see our own faults and blame our fate on other people, we will always remain the same. Now look me in the eye and tell me, lex is just talking bullshit, who wants to be rich?

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