Negative trend - but a trend nonetheless

We know that the internet will play a major part in the future. In fact, in urban cities, the usage and application of internet is already prevailing. The internet globalized the world, improved communications.

But just like a balanced web that serves its purpose if it is correctly spun; when the web is pulled too tight until it loses its form and function, we start to lose individualism amongst its users.

This is the trend that is happening now. Youngsters log on for hours everyday, not for creative thought but for online gaming, social networking or web surfing. Internet may inspire but it is hampering creative thoughts and stunting the growth (physically, mentally and emotionally) of young minds who should be out in the sun and interacting physically instead of hiding behind avatars.

In the future, sure we may have augmented reality, more and more hi-tech gadgets, we may not even need to type anymore but will it be a dystopian future where everyone thinks the same thoughts, have online relationships and compose generated music off a template? Will be like the fat, overweight humans in "Wall-E" or the perfect model-like humans in "Surrogates"?

This is not a very positive trend but it is a possible one if parents keep thinking that their children spending too much in front of the computer is a good thing.

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