things not to do when u have a bruised rib
  • laugh
  • sneeze
  • do sit ups
  • fight
  • ibuki (deep inhalation)
things not to do when u have a sprained neck
  • turn around abruptly when ppl call yr name
  • crack yr neck
  • nod off at work
  • sit motobike
  • visit a chiro that made it worse by squeezing the hell out of you and asking if you're ok in a language u do not understand
things not to do when yr calves hurt
  • do another 500 jumping jacks
  • climb stairs
  • run or jog
  • sit still
i had both injuries 2 weeks ago and it was a nightmare, today i feel like a million bucks!

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laneygal said...

kesianz...take care larr...

What not to do when you got a knee injury..

1). Studio Cycling
2). Climb Stairs
3). Lunges, squats and jumping jacks

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