Bitching time

What pisses me off :
  • if you're too cheap to get your own server and have to rely on RM80 a year hosting plan, do not scream at me when the hosting goes down or lags. i did not cause the lag, but i can report it for you.
  • when u rely on a free software for development, expect limited connections, and diminished functionality
  • if you don't chk your email for feature updates/bug fixes, dont come screaming at me when your site doesnt work
  • changes from a->b->c is fine. changes from a->b->c->a because u forgot or just for the heck of it, is not productive
  • moving fields frm page to page is not funny when they land back in square 1
  • my UI sucks because i focus on getting the functional right and i only have a pair of hands. no, i do not care whether all the fields are aligned or if they are aesthetically pleasing. i will only twiddle with colors and font when i have nothing else better to do
  • i have to re-send your login name and password to you 10 times in a week although there is a FORGOT PASSWORD function

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